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A message from TrueStylist on:

Chemically Straightened Hair


To ensure a successful relaxer service each time, here are some things I would like you to know about the service you will be receiving.  

  • Virgin relaxer is a chemical service that is intended for hair that has never before been chemically straightened.

  • Retouch relaxer, a chemical service applied to the roots/new growth hair only, for hair that has been chemically straightened before.


A relaxer is not a “style” that you wear.  It’s a cure for unmanageable hair; to make coarse hair easier to comb through or style without hair loss or pain.

This is a major chemical service; if virgin, we are taking your hair and scalp through huge levels of processing that it has never experienced before.  If retouch, I must ensure that the previously relaxed hair isn’t getting overprocessed while making sure the new growth is straightened to the proper degree.  Therefore, my goal is to help you to keep your hair and scalp as healthy as possible.  Here are a few things that you will need to understand as far as maintenance care goes, as you will be responsible for these things.



  • Rule #1:  Follow my instructions TO THE LETTER.  For example, if I say I need to see you again in two weeks then you'll need to book within that time frame.  Letting three weeks or more lapse is unacceptable.  On the surface you may think it's not that urgent because you "know your hair".  You may know your hair, but I know its science and what's happening to it on a microscopic level in that timeframe.  I cannot be responsible for my role in your hair care if you don’t follow instructions.

  • You will need to be flexible and able to commit to weekly/bi-weekly salon visits.  This is a requirement for all of my chemically treated clients.  I will need to see you back in the salon no later than two weeks after your initial relaxer service for your follow-up post treatment.  THESE ARE NOT TREATMENTS THAT YOU CAN DO AT HOME.  These treatments are necessary to protect your hair’s health and elasticity.  I assure you that the formulations needed to maintain professionally relaxed hair cannot be found on a retail shelf.  Please be proactive and book your follow-up appointment via my booking site in a timely fashion.
  • Consider the financial responsibility it will require for you to keep your relaxed hair maintained.  You can book a discovery session with me so that we can discuss the numbers in detail.
  • You will be responsible for the daily maintenance and care of your hair and scalp in between salon visits.  Your hair must be kept hydrated and moisturized daily or every other day basis.  It cannot be left dry, worn under hats and/or wigs, or go untouched until the next salon visit.  I can instruct you on what’s best to use at home for your hair type and texture that will pair well with the systems I use in salon.
  • You can expect to have a retouch relaxer done no sooner than 6-8 weeks from the date of your Virgin relaxer service.  My preference however, is to stretch that timing out as far as I can without the client suffering any hair breakage.  With each salon visit, I am monitoring your hair and texture to determine how far I am able to stretch your relaxers out.  With that being said, just because a bit of new growth is coming in does not mean I am going to relax your hair.

These instructions are crucial to long-term health, vitality, beauty and luster of your scalp, hair and any finished style that I can create for you.  Do assist me in your hair care regimen by making these instructions a priority.



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